"Not only does she sing ... she writes all of the songs as well as plays piano …both accessible and hip..." 
-George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly 


"Nancy Ruth, a powerful and talented singer, combines together jazz, flamenco and Latin rhythms in a natural way, creating a fresh genre that fits into all three idioms." 
-Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene 


"Nancy gave a delightful and very natural performance, and charmed the audience with her talent, authenticity and sincerity.  It was amazing to discover that Nancy had written the music herself; I don’t think anyone was expecting that." 
-Diana Allen, Jazz Australia


"She seems to be sucking the marrow out of life, making each song into a celebration of being and of passionately embracing the whole range of human emotions and experience."
-Nikos Fotakis, Australian Jazz


"Sangria Jam not only designs Ms. Ruth as a global storyteller, but also an innovative jazz pedagogue." 
-Karl Stober, Cadence Jazz Magazine 


"Canadian born Nancy Ruth has a voice like liquid silk and a powerful stage presence that enchants her audience. She now lives in Malaga, Spain and travels the world singing and playing her own music, a scintillating mix of Flamenco and Latin, spiced with her love of Jazz."
-Nikki Fort, The Clothesline - Digital Arts Magazine Australia


"An incredible voice that unravels with elegance and fluidity between jazz and flamenco"
-Déjame Soñar, Granada, Spain 


"Nancy Ruth’s Sangria Jam sounds like the sun… absolutely gorgeous voice along with great production and fantastic arrangements." 
-Vladimir Oreščanin, Get on the Stage Music Magazine, Serbia 


"The music of Nancy Ruth has been a great discovery for me, as I was captivated by her extraordinary fusion of flamenco and jazz."
– Pedro Sánchez Pérez; Radio Esquina, Sanlúcar Spain 


"This is music with depth, passion, subtlety, and a distinct European sensibility."
–  Rick Gibbs, Island Jazz 


"The blood boils a little hotter, the movements become more fluid, and the passion is exhumed much deeper from within the soul. This is the encounter one will feel with vocalist Nancy Ruth. Her tones allow the heartbeat to race faster with every pulse of the composition. Her music instills that vibrant tone with a sultry execution." 
–  Ejazz News