July 2019

After a year of preparation, I'm finally filming the music video for 'Breathing In Indigo'. It's one of my favourite songs that I've written, so I'm really excited to be working on the video for a dual release with the song for Fall 2019. Here's a bit of the 'making of'



June 2019

Getting ready to go to Morocco to continue work on my documentary there - I have composed a new piece that will feature the sounds of North Africa. Stay tuned for that! Meanwhile, here's a new video - this is a one minute intro to my world of music. 


MAY 3, 2019 - Málaga, Spain

Just got back from playing the Saint Louis Jazz Festival in Senegal. Check out the tour diary: 

APRIL 2019 - near Málaga, Spain

Hi friends, welcome to my NOW page! I thought this was a great idea (thanks, Derek Sivers... see below).

So, what am I up to this month? Well, here you go, if you’ve ever wondered ‘what do musicians DO all day?’ 

- planning a new single release (new song is called Breathing in Indigo, in case you want to check it out) 

- trying to figure out facebook ads to get the word out about upcoming shows (yes, you have to pay facebook these days to get them to show your band posts to people, even to your own loyal fans) 

- sending out my newsletter update on the African tour (newsletters are the best way to keep in touch! If you want to join, check out the form below) 

- sending out festival proposals: this is a lot of work, my friends! Now that hardly anyone buys CDs, everyone and their dog is hitting the road. 

- video editing - working on a new documentary which hopes to answer the question ’Nancy, why did you leave your perfectly good life in Canada to go to Spain if it wasn’t for work, money, love, or sun and cheap wine?’ 

- audio editing… working on new arrangements for new music I’ve been writing 

- sending out pitches to publicists in the U.S. to promote the new video ‘Todo Para Ti’ 

- answering emails and messages (thanks for all your comments on Twitter, FB and Youtube… oh, and Instagram, too!) 

- planning tour logistics for our upcoming trip to Africa.. playing at the Saint Louis Jazz Festival. This has turned out to be way more complicated that I imagined… that’s the short version. 

- working on a new arrangement for a ballad I wrote (it’s called Turn the Lights Back Down) and trying to decide where to record it… want to use an acoustic piano and am considering studios in Spain and Holland 

- rehearsing with my band - there have been changes in the line-up this month, and every time I bring on a new player, there are a lot of rehearsals involved since all the music is original. This means preparing specific instrument arrangements, audio and video samples, as well as one on one, and full band rehearsals. It’s much more complex than getting together to play standards. 

- speaking of original music… yes, I’m working on new ideas… it’s hard to keep up with those, as when I start laying down tracks for new compositions I sometimes get distracted by all this other stuff…  my greatest ongoing battle! 

- working out glitches and the ongoing learning curve for the programs I most use: Sibelius, Muse Score, Logic and Final Cut (thank heavens my Macs have held up for all these years, touch wood) 

- trying to keep up with Spotify… I need to update my profile and pitch some songs to playlists, but honestly I’m way behind on that…


Anyway, these are just some of the daily things I try to stay on top of, while trying to get out for a run on most days. The great thing is that I live on the beach and when I get overwhelmed, nature isn’t far away.


The NOW page concept comes from Derek Sivers; check out his blogs, they're awesome.