New Starts, New Works of Art

I’ve moved more times than I can count, and I just packed up and moved again.  

Since moving is so stressful and I’ve usually done it on my own, I’ve learned to live with fewer belongings. Sometimes when I get comfortable in a place and work is coming in I think, wow, I could actually stay here. I start buying pieces of furniture, or a nice piece of art to hang on the wall. Then the inevitable happens: gigs call me to the other side of the world, the electrical wiring blows, or the neighbours drive me crazy. Sometimes it’s just culo de mal asiento, a Spanish expression whose English equivalent would be ‘itchy feet.’  

The upside of moving is getting a fresh start. With every new home I create, I feel like I get to re-evaluate, re-mount, re-new. It’s often a creatively fruitful time. I wrote a song on the Sangria Jam album about it called 'Temporary Home'. 

Do you find that changing your surroundings, or even ’spring cleaning’ can clear a way to fresh ideas?