The Art of Abandoning the List

Have you made a list today? I’ve always been a list maker. Writing my daily and weekly objectives helps me focus, and I like the little adrenaline jolt I feel when I cross off a task. Accomplished! Feels good.  

Here in Spain, you can’t force things. You can make all the lists you want, but life here is slow, and people seem to have a different sense of time. If an item on your list involves the collaboration of someone else, good luck with getting it done on schedule! If a task involves only you, you might have more control over achieving it, but there’s a good chance life will get in the way. That can be a good thing; just as John Lennon famously wrote, ‘life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans,’ I’ve found that succumbing to the rhythm of the day has led me to meet some of my favourite people, and even write some of my best songs.  

The ‘type A’ in my personality has taken a beating while living this Mediterranean life, but I think I’m better for it. I’ve learned to let my instincts guide me, moment to moment.  

I still make lists, but now I let more surprises fill the spaces in between.