Trio Sangria: Press Kit

Trio Sangria: Musical tribute to Spain and Latin America.  

Discover the passion of flamenco, the beauty of the bolero, and the lure of the tango. Performing classical Spanish guitar repertoire, copla, and well loved favourites from Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Cuba and Argentina. Also exploring Spanish themes on Broadway from Man of la Mancha and Evita when orchestra is available. Dialogue in English and/ or Spanish.   

-Featuring: Nancy Ruth: vocals, guitar, piano. Flamenco guitarist. Percussionist.    
-Based in: Malaga, Spain. Can be performed locally or abroad.  

Travel Requirements:   
-Transportation for the three artists, all from Málaga, Spain.  
-Accommodation: 2 rooms/ cabins minimum.   
-Excess baggage requirements (only necessary on some airlines/ routes): 2 guitars, one suitcase for percussion.   

For cruise ships: use of the ship’s orchestra is requested for part of the show.   

Please find below downloadable promo sheet, photos, stage plot and video clip from the 2015 version of the show.