Footsteps full of Wonder

I’m fascinated by this thought: with each footstep I take here in Spain, there have stepped before me a long history of characters, from Vandals, Carthaginians, Romans and Moors to Catholic queens. I’ve pondered on paths where Celts may have sung, and where a Berber may have dined with a Jew. Within any given square foot there are countless stories to tell.

There’s something about living in a land steeped in history that makes me feel like my life is an exciting movie. Well, not always. Sometimes I get distracted by modern day frustrations, like bad cell phone coverage or slow internet. But all I have to do to slip back into a state of wonder is take a walk in the old city. Gazing at the remnants of Andalusia’s Moorish architecture is enough to get me dreaming again. A melody comes to me and I return home to my piano to write to a new song. If only those who came before me knew what they’ve inspired in this modern day me…

What peoples have stepped before you, wherever you live? Do you find creative inspiration in the history that fascinates you?

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By Nancy


  • Alan Walters

    16 May 2017 / Reply

    Andalusia seems wonderfully blessed with a Great History & Wonderful Music. I Love Flamenco so much. Where I live in a South Wales Valley historically people moved here to work in Coal Mines but none have existed for about 30 years so now much development has taken place to restore the landscape. I am originally from Yorkshire but my ancestors moved there from a small Derbyshire town a long time ago. two hundred years ago they were involved in ‘The Last English Revolution’ & I hope to go back there next month for the Bicentennial celebrations. Your recent concert in the castle was so Totally Aband have reached a new level in musical entertainment. Blown Away!

  • Alan Walters

    16 May 2017 / Reply

    Sorry Totally Amazing & Your Band was left out!

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