Horse At The Door

I’ve always loved horses. When I was 15 I decided to buy one. I didn’t tell my parents, because I knew they’d say no. But since I’d saved $700. by selling kool-aid throughout my childhood summers, I figured I had…

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New Starts, New Works of Art

I’ve moved more times than I can count, and I just packed up and moved again.  

Since moving is so stressful and I’ve usually done it on my own, I’ve learned to live with fewer belongings. Sometimes when I get…

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The Art of Abandoning the List

Have you made a list today? I’ve always been a list maker. Writing my daily and weekly objectives helps me focus, and I like the little adrenaline jolt I feel when I cross off a task. Accomplished! Feels good.  


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Pre-Show Madness

When I was a child I wanted to be an astronaut. Growing up in the log house my father built on Canada’s West Coast, we didn’t watch TV, nor were there any neighborhood kids to play with. But the undistracted…

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Pay Cheque to Pay Cheque

Do you live ‘paycheque to paycheque’? 

As a musician with no job security, having a steady paycheque would be a luxury. Unless it sucked the life out of me. 

While in college I did a brief stint working in retail…

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Running For Answers

What physical exercise clears your head?  

I like to run. It appeals to my practical side: it’s free, effective exercise and it has the added benefit of leading me to solutions.  

Like many creatives, I have a lot going on…

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Footsteps Full Of Wonder

I’m fascinated by this thought: with each footstep I take here in Spain, there have stepped before me a long history of characters, from Vandals, Carthaginians, Romans and Moors to Catholic queens. I’ve pondered on paths where Celts may have…

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Now Means Later

​Do you remember when you first discovered the concept of time?   

I was on a beach in Sidney, B.C. where I grew up, and I drew the word “NOW” in the sand with a stick, only to watch the words…

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Can't Wear Yellow

I love yellow. I don’t wear it much because my skin is so pale that it washes me out. So, I have yellow curtains, instead. I also have yellow placemats, which I alternate with green ones so I don’t ever…

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