“The music of Nancy Ruth has been a great discovery for me, as I was captivated by her extraordinary fusion of flamenco and jazz. For that reason I dedicated the first airing of ‘Caminos de la Musica’ to this excellent artist.” 
– Pedro Sánchez Pérez; Radio Esquina, Sanlúcar Spain 

“An incredible voice that unravels with elegance and fluidity between jazz and flamenco” 
– Déjame Soñar; Granada, Spain 

“Nancy Ruth’s performances are as close as it gets to the best in celebration of Latin culture and style.” 
– Cornelius White, Spectra Jazz Records 

“Nancy’s vocals and harmonies are superb.” 
– Wes George, JazzNet 247 

“Para Ti… is as lovely as one can be in sound. She escalates her previous accolades even higher with this new selection of songs… An extremely angelic and warm production… ” 
– Karl Stober, Jazztrenzz 

“The Nancy Ruth Trio certainly surprised the audience with an excellent, incredible and amazing concert... 100% authentic with flamenco and bolero and many other Spanish delicacies.” 
– Palle Larsen, Platancafeen, Vordingborg, Denmark 

“Nancy Ruth knows how to work a room and how to sell a song. She commands the attention of the audience with well-polished stage manner and palpable charismatic charms.” 
– Joseph Blake, Victoria Times-Colonist 

“The blood boils a little hotter, the movements become more fluid, and the passion is exhumed much deeper from within the soul. This is the encounter one will feel with vocalist Nancy Ruth. Her tones allow the heartbeat to race faster with every pulse of the composition. Her music instills that vibrant tone with a sultry execution. An animated performer, she not only vocalizes the Latin culture, she escorts it in with her eyes and a reactive demeanor, to the audience. Worldwide she introduces with success, the romantic luxury of Latino Jazz.” 
– Karl Stober, ejazznews 

“Ruth’s latest CD, Me Quedo (Home of Jazz, Netherlands, 2008) shows that her deeply lyrical blend of jazz, pop and Latin, while offering flashes of fire, is decidedly cool and sophisticated in nature, with clearly articulated lyrics and expressive phrasing… this is music with depth, passion, subtlety, and a distinct European sensibility.” 
– Rick Gibbs, Island Jazz 

“Nancy has an uncanny and incredible talent of finding just the right Spanish lyrics and melody lines for my compositions…. and singing them the way she does, imbued with emotion and passion.” 
– Mick de Boer, composer/ producer 

“Intense musical passion… an unforgettable evening of fiery Latin inspired music from this incredible performer” 
– Dave Gallant, Sooke News Mirror 

“Her music is electrifying, wild, elusive, powerful and quite beautiful!” 
– Blu Mankuma, actor/ musician, B.C. Hall of Fame recipient 

“Powerful lyrics and vocals as well as European, African and Asian influences make all the songs on this album stand out… compelling, well structured songs which demonstrate Ruth’s songwriting and vocal skills all at once.” 
– Ben Avern, Attractions Magazine 

“What distinguishes Ruth from other mainstream pop singers is her fondness for Middle Eastern modes, introduced on this release’s first track, I’ll Have My Way, and the use of gypsy violin” 
– Tom Harrison, The Vancouver Province 

“This CD is packed with a world-class wallop – from whichever way you look at it and Nancy Ruth is an immaculate singer destined for greatness” 
– Barry Newman, Cosmic Debris Musician’s Magazine

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